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We talk about the stories and topics that make the world the dumpster fire it's become

Sep 13, 2019

Well Hello there. Thank you for pressing play! Welcome to the first episode of the bear cave podcast. So what is the bear cave podcast? Is it a podcast hosted by an old gay man? No! It is not! If I can describe it in today’s terms, it a safe space where cis straight males can go to speak their truth! Now what you call speaking your “Truth.” Back in the day, we called having an opinion. 

This podcast will have 3 segments The first segment will be me doing a monologue Then I will have a conversation with a podcaster friend and we will be talking about some stories that I find interesting or funny. Then I will follow it up with a conversation with my cousin Jimmy. I call it What’s up Jimmy. You never know what you will get when Jimmy and I sink our teeth into a topic. 

My Guest is Michele the host of the Welcome to my show podcast and garbage kitchen. Michele is smart, funny, and she brings you into her crazy life. Michele is a millennial and I am a Boomer, so I thought let’s have a conversation about some topics from our generation’s point of view. Now I’m not going to lie. There were times when what I said seem to shock Michele. But to Michele's credit, she hung in there.

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